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  September 9, 2020








   Art Maze Magazine

   Late Summer Issue 4

   London/Berlin/New York/Digital 2017





"Botart: Barrels of Art for World Art Day"

Diversions LA

May 7, 2016





"The Art of Walking: Fall Brewery Art Walk"

Diversions LA

October 12, 2015




"Proust Questionnaire"

Brewery Art L.A. tumblr
July 24, 2013










"Who Is Art by Cynthia?" is a 1:44 video by Owen Captures showing Cynthia at work on a drawing entitled "Visual Popcorn."




"The Brewery: Where Art Lives" is a 13:17 video by Eric Minh Swenson featuring artists who work at The Brewery, including me in my 2013 studio.

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